UPick is a unique music & party experience where patrons serve as the DJ & MC for the night.  Leading up to and during the party, patrons can request songs & make shoutouts that are worked into the mix and flow of the party. It is a known fact that a majority, if not all DJs hate requests. The “drunk request,” the “it’s my birthday request,” the “I’m getting ready to leave request,” the “play the hottest song currently out to an empty dancefloor request.” The list can and does go on and is worthy to make any DJ cringe. However, this has never stopped music lover & party goers from making requests. In a market saturated with cookie-cutter events, we wanted to provide an experience that erased the thick line between love & hate of requests. 


We shifted our perception on requests from a nuisance to a challenge. Could it be the thing we hated most was truly an agent of growth? “Whatever makes you uncomfortable is your biggest opportunity for growth.” We took this belief and ran with it. UPick was born. A party where leading up to and during, guests can requests songs and give shoutouts through a requests system for the DJ to play & MC to shout out. We challenged the notion that all DJs hate requests by making the entire event a request based event that challenged DJs to think on their feet and expand their musical knowledge. Guests were truly in control of the party by doing the thing they already loved to do. No experience is similar to the previous one with each one bringing new requests.